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About Maryam Raya

Maryam Raya is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning concert pianist based in Milan and New York.


Maryam Raya has performed at concert halls worldwide, dazzling audiences with her virtuosity, exuberant energy, and passion for the arts.  She discovered the piano at the age of four and performed her first recital at the age of nine.

Praised as “A First Rate Pianist” by the National Film Awards, Maryam believes classical music can serve as a spiritual experience for listeners by transporting them to a different world.

Maryam Raya

From an early age, Maryam was passionate about expressing herself through the piano. She studied with former professors from the Moscow Conservatory and St. Petersburg Conservatory, leading to her first performance at Carnegie Hall at age 16.


Recognized for her “dynamic stage presence” by the Union of Excellence, Maryam has delivered lecture recitals at prestigious institutions including Columbia University, recitals for New York’s premier fashion and film communities, recitals abroad in France and Italy, and continued appearances at Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall as a soloist, most recently with orchestra for Beethoven’s 250th anniversary in 2019.


Her passion for the interconnectivity of all art forms has led her to perform in places outside of the traditional recital hall such as art galleries, museums, fashion and film festivals, including Couture Fashion Week in both New York City and Cannes, France. Additionally, she has collaborated with New York’s leading industry professionals in fashion and film.


Maryam has performed recitals worldwide throughout her career, including in England, Spain, France, Italy, China, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Dubai. She possesses a diverse and extensive repertoire of piano solos and orchestral concerts, including over thirty solo piano concertos.


Described as a "Complete Artist of the 21st Century" by Info Music France, Maryam has been a featured artist in numerous international art, fashion, and music publications across Europe, and American news outlets such as CBS News.


She has performed across the United States and at world-renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, The National Gallery of Art, The Phillips Collection, Tenri Cultural Institute, The National Opera Center, The Kosciuszko Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution, the Embassy of Poland, and the Embassy of France, among others.


Beyond the piano, Maryam is captivated by the worlds of film and visual arts, which influence her captivating performances.


Through her “Poetic and Genius Recitals” as described by The Further Magazine, Maryam is passionate about making classical music accessible to younger audiences. Maryam has previously also taught as a faculty member at New York University, teaching private piano lessons to undergraduate piano students.

Maryam is currently studying business administration at the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan. While still in school, she already possesses a start-up roster of high profile clients and entirely manages their professional lives.  


Maryam Raya is the Executive Director of London based record label Sheva Collection and the President of the World Piano Teachers Association chapter in Milan, a chapter created specifically for and under her name.  


She continues to record the underperformed works of legendary piano virtuoso and polymath Josef Hofmann. With many other exciting new projects on the horizon, Maryam is enthusiastic about connecting with audiences around the globe through her performances and social media.


Her upcoming performances include solo appearances in Italy and Switzerland.

Blue Smoke

Boldly assertive playing with crisp rhythms and a clean, crystalline sound.”

- National Film Awards